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About Caleen Financial Services B.V.

Caleen Financial Services BV was founded in 2002 in Tilburg, the Netherlands by mr. A.Y. Hassan under the name Kaah Express. He started the company after he finished his studies in business economics at the Hogeschool van Arnhem to provide his fellow countrymen an opportunity to send money to their families. In 2015 the company changed the legal name from Kaah Express to Caleen Financial Services BV in order to make a clear distinction between the company and the services (Kaah Express, Pay iZi and MoneyGram) it provides.

Since March 2003 the Company has acquired its own remittance licenses and has become an agent of both Kaah Group (specialized in east Africa) and MoneyGram (rest of the world). Since april 2011 Caleen Financial Services BV is licenced in the Netherlands as a payment institution. In 2014 Caleen Financial Services BV acquired the payment of bill service Pay Izi for the Netherlands.

With this licence Caleen Financial Services is looking to expand its operations across Europe. We have a clear sense of why we exist, where we are heading and how we are going to get there.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our customers the opportunity to send money to their beloved families, friends, relatives and business affiliates at competitive rates. Caleen Financial Services believes that making money is not an object itself, but supporting the individuals and communities whom you deal with is a moral obligation.

We have strong commitment to fair business practices. The main objective of our operation is based on: honesty, integrity and respect.

To ensure a clear understanding of and ensure a consistent level of commitment to our company’s ethical business standards, the company has developed a code of business conduct for all employees and others who act on behalf of the company. We expect each of our team members to perform in a manner that maintains the trust and confidence of our valued customers.

Our Vision 

The vision of Caleen Financial Services is that non-banking remittance is a lifeline for many peoples in the world and thus deserves to be capitalized and improved without causing significant problems to its users.

We believe that we can make remittance safe from illegal use and make it an alternative money service with affordable charges.

Caleen Financial Services will strive to help other financial institutions, government regulators and law enforcement to understand how the lives of millions of people and even entire countries depend on the unconventional remittance services. Caleen Financial Services has the policy that we follow both the letter and the spirit of the law and the regulations. We work hard to earn and maintain customer confidence around the world.

Our vision is to create sustainable growth by being the most trusted Money Transfer Company with fair rates in Europe. We exist to create “Customers for Life” and “To be the best at what Customers Value the Most”

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If you want to become an agent for Caleen Financial Services BV please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. For prospect agents in the EU please look at the EU Agent Application Checklist to see the required information for the application.

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