Moneytransfer cash payment

The moneytransfer cash payment is the service were the customer comes to one of our locations with cash and wants to send this money to a beneficiary in another country.


How it works

1. Submit all personal info & ID at a Kaah agency

When you come to one of our locations please bring a valid ID and information about the funding and spending of the money want to send. Depending on the amount and nature of the transaction our agents or employees can ask additional information.

2. Fill out all the details of the transfer

The information necessary for making the transaction includes the name, adress and ID information of the sender, the name, adress and country of the beneficiary and of course the amount you want to send. Based on the amount you want send the commission is calculated.

3. We will send the money

If you give us the requested information and agree with the amount send, commission and the corresponding (estimate of) pay out amount we will submit the transaction.

4. You receive a transfer receipt for your records

The receipt includes all the relevant information from the transaction including the amount send, commission, exchange rate, collection point and reference number. The reference number is necessary for pay out to the beneficiary.

5. You inform the beneficiary to pick up the money

The beneficiary can pick up the money at the collection point as specified in the transaction. The beneficiary needs the reference number and a valid ID in order to collect the transaction.

Warning: give the referencenumber only to the beneficiary and to no one else!